Стать художником

Please send us request and your portfolio links to in@sekta.name. Also usually we mailist news for our artists about future collections, you can subscribe for new topics here:



  • We pay indiviual royaltees, discussed after we see the sketch or concept only!
  • We usually sign a contract, commercial rights are transfered to SEKTA (author may use the artwork only in non-commercial projects and portfolio.

Requirements technical

  • JPEG sketch is enough to explain the idea.
  • AI, EPS, CDR with for vector prints PSD, TIFF with each colour as a separate layer or channel for bitmapped images, 300dpi, CMYK include a t-shirt template with your print placed on it (you can request our templates via in@sekta.name).
  • Include fonts additionally to the file if they are not outlined as objects.
  • Pls, use filesharing services to transfer big files, do not attach them to your letters.

Requirements style

  • We prefer anticlerical, deviastic or sexual topics, but you can propose something you like.
  • Also we like charismatic characters from movies or music like Iggy Pop or Bruce Lee.
  • No trend graphics — owls, 3rd eye, triangles, people with the deers’ or birds’ heads and so on.
  • No clipart, of course.
  • Usually it should be made specially for SEKTA and not published before on the web.

Welcome to SEKTA if you feel your balls are big & strong enough!