Guarantees & Returns


100% money back guarantee with no explanation!

For any reason you are dissatisfied with the item (incorrect size, for example), we’ll refund your money back. At first, we’ll offer to exchange the commodity for another one, of course. But if you will stubborn - we’ll repay the cost of a shipment.

The repayment period is about 5 working days.

In case of manufacturing defect before returning please try to imagine it's the design. If not, the next step that we recommend - to try to paint marker the ink stain or cut the unpleasant place. If this don't works, we’ll take the product back, after inspection - will return your money.

The goods can be returned within 14 days after the purchase according to the "Consumer Protection Law", by contacting us.

The returned product must be "commodity" form without a trace of wear, stains, holes, foundation, etc. The presence of the packaging is not required.

A payment receipt is desired, but not indispensable.

The document entitled "Declaration" also should not be written.

In case of returning goods, we will reimburse only the cost of the goods, the cost of delivery and courier tip will not come back to you.

In case of exchange and return the postage paid by the client.

Not to be returned (Decree number 172 of 19 March 1994):

  • Hosiery and knitted linen products.
  • Personal hygienic items (pins, vibrators and similar products).
  • Individual tailoring. Individually manufactured or sewn items will not returned or exchanged, except in cases of explicit manufacturing defect.